ConsoleKit and esound retirement

Lennart Poettering mzerqung at
Tue Feb 12 18:34:11 UTC 2013


since a while now logind has replaced CK in Fedora. I'd like to retire
it entirely from the distribution now.

Most deps on CK are gone. Holdouts are "cdm", "lightdm", "lxsession", "lxdm".

This page doesn't say anything about retiring packages other still
depend on... 

I am tempted to just retire CK ignoring the remaining dependencies, in
the hope this will put the pressure on the folks involved to update
their stuff...

Getting rid of CK in those packages is dead simple BTW. Just disable it
in the packages, but make sure pam_systemd is in the PAM stack for your
greeter tool. It's basically about removing code, not about adding
new code -- adding new code is only necessary if you want to improve
your DM to handle multi-seat setups, too (which is a new feature of
logind, not available in CK[1]). For details, see:

I'd also like to retire "esound" finally. Currently, adplay, ayttm,
dopewars, e16, gnome-libs, gnubg, lxdream, moon-buggy, spacechart,
xarchon, xmms-esd still use it. esd of course has been deprecated and
dead since many years, the packages which still use it really should
wake up one day. So here, too, I'd just like to retire the package...

Alternatively, somebody else can take these over, but honstely I'd
rather see them removed than continue to bitrot in our repository...



[1] If you are interested in adding proper multi-seat support to the DM
    of your choice, then we might be able to supply you with a free set of
    multi-seat hardware so that you can actually make it work. Ping me.

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