Seeking primary maintainer for LLVM

Adam Jackson ajax at
Mon Feb 25 14:11:33 UTC 2013

On Mon, 2013-02-25 at 04:38 -0500, David Airlie wrote:

> > Given that Mesa depends on LLVM, I suppose brokenness in anything but
> > Rawhide is not really advisable.
> > 
> > I'd be happy to give you and Jens co-maintainership though, until a
> > more permanent maintainer steps forward (ideally one of those who
> > have
> > committed semi-regularly before).
> I expect myself, ajax or glisse need to step up to this, I'm probably
> worst choice at the moment, but I can at least find the time with juhp
> to the llvm/mesa lockstep updates.

Yeah, I can take this on.  I will caution that most bugs in any of the
language frontends are probably just going to be immediately moved to
upstream, and I'm mostly going to lean on the secondary arch maintainers
for arch-specific bugs.  (And that I am absolutely _not_ owning it in
EPEL or RHEL, though if someone else wants to I'm happy to advise.)  But
other than that, sure, why not.

- ajax

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