Proposed F19 Feature: 3D Printing - Bring 3D printing tools to Fedora

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Wed Jan 2 16:58:54 UTC 2013

As decided by FESCo on 2012-12-05 meeting, all proposed Features are required
to pass through the community review by announcing them on devel-announce list.
FESCo votes on new features no sooner than a week from the announcement.

= Features/3D Printing =

* Detailed description:
There are several software needs for a 3D printer users: 3D modeling tool,
such as OpenSCAD or Blender; slcing tool, to "compile" the 3D model to a set of
G-Code instructions, such as Skeinforge or Slic3r; and finally a printer control
software, such as Printrun, Cura or RepetierHost.

Other useful application is meshlab, that allows users to view STL files, but it 
is already in Fedora, so it is not mentioned more.

3D Printing Feature is already being discussed on fedora-devel list,

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