Proposed F19 Feature: Replace MySQL with MariaDB

Andrew Rist andrew.rist at
Thu Jan 24 01:49:40 UTC 2013

We've been following the discussions to replace MySQL with MariaDB in 
Fedora, and would like to provide additional data to help the community 
make the most informed decision.  Instead of switching**the default to 
MariaDB 5.5 we would like to propose that Fedora instead integrate MySQL 
5.6.  Switching to MariaDB would be going backwards, as their releases 
usually lag by at least 6 months. The differences between MariaDB 5.5 
and MySQL 5.6 are quite significant, with major improvements in both 
performance and stability [1] , as well as additional features and 
improved security [2].

With hundreds of development and QA engineers, including MySQL veterans 
and fresh talent, Oracle has produced the most stable, secure, and 
scalable releases of open source MySQL ever.  We are ready to help 
integrate and package the latest and best-tested version of MySQL in 
Fedora, including becoming the package maintainer (same as we do with 

15 years of contributing to the Linux kernel, 8 years developing InnoDB, 
and now 3 years leading MySQL represent a track record that speaks for 
itself.  Fedora's corporate sponsor and Oracle do compete in the Linux 
support business, but the database choice for Fedora should only focus 
on the merits and the quality of the MySQL code. If Fedora, as the 
mission statement says wants to "lead, and not follow" we recommend you 
keep MySQL,  the leading edge and highest quality open source database, 
as the default choice in your Linux distribution.



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