Proposed F19 Feature: High Availability Container Resources

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Sun Jan 27 17:32:25 UTC 2013

= Features/ High Availability Container Resources =

Feature owner(s): David Vossel <dvossel at> 

The Container Resources feature allows the HA stack (Pacemaker + Corosync) 
residing on a host machine to extend management of resources into virtual 
guest instances (KVM/LXC). 

== Detailed description ==
This feature is in response to the growing desire for high availability 
functionality to be extended outside of the host into virtual guest instances. 
Pacemaker is currently capable of managing virtual guests, meaning Pacemaker 
can start/stop/monitor/migrate virtual guests anywhere in the cluster, but 
Pacemaker has no ability to manage the resources that live within the virtual 
guests. At the moment these virtual guests are very much a black box to 

The Container Resources feature changes this by giving Pacemaker the ability 
to reach into the virtual guests and manage resources in the exact same way 
resources are managed on the host nodes. Ultimately this gives the HA stack 
the ability to manage resources across all the nodes in cluster as well as any 
virtual guests that reside within those cluster nodes. 
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