F20 Self Contained Change: SSSD CIFS plugin

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Mon Jul 15 13:02:51 UTC 2013

= Proposed Self Contained Change: SSSD CIFS plugin =

Change owner(s): Sumit Bose <sbose at redhat.com>, Jakub Hrozek 
<jhrozek at redhat.com>

During the F20 development cycle, the SSSD will provide an ID-mapping plugin 
for cifs-utils so that Windows SIDs can be mapped onto POSIX IDs and/or names 
without requiring Winbind and using the same code as the SSSD uses for 
identity information.

== Detailed description ==
When working with files on a CIFS share, mapping between Windows SIDs and POSIX 
IDs might be required in some situations like modifying the ACLs. In recent 
versions, the cifs-util package introduced a plugin interface that allows 
different libraries to handle the ID mapping. Currently only Winbind provides 
such plugin (see file idmapwb.c in cifs-utils tree). The goal of this change is 
to provide a similar plugin using SSSD's ID mapping library so that the same 
method of ID mapping is used and Winbind is not required at all. The upstream 
design page that includes deeper technical details can be found in the SSSD 
Trac [1]. The progress of the work can also be tracked in the upstream ticket 
#1534 [2].

== Scope ==
The SSSD would provide a plugin for the cifs-utils package as described in the 
upstream design page. The cifs-utils package would then switch to using the 
SSSD plugin instead of the one provided by Winbind. The change on the cifs-
utils side should amount to changing a symlink.

Proposal owners:
* SSSD needs to create a plugin that matches the interface used by cifs-utils.
* This plugin would be packaged as a separate subpackage 

Other developers: The cifs-utils package would switch to managing which ID 
mapping plugin it uses with the use of alternatives (rhbz #984088) 

Release engineering:
* No mass rebuild would be required.
* The cifs-utils package would Require the new SSSD plugin and indirectly its 
dependencies which would be primarily the libsss_idmap library 

Policies and guidelines: No new policy guidelies 

[1] http://fedorahosted.org/sssd/wiki/DesignDocs/IntegrateSSSDWithCIFSClient
[2] http://fedorahosted.org/sssd/ticket/1534
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