cloud images and journald/rsyslog

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Jul 15 23:34:07 UTC 2013

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 05:21:02PM -0600, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> > 1) Double-logging is a significant waste of scarce resources
> Well I can see IO resources as being scarse but how scarse are we really
> talking? [There comes a point where cutting down the size of an image isn't
> going to help a bit because it takes up the same number of sectors on a
> disk whether its X Mb or Y Mb.

I think "enough scarce that we should attempt to minimize the default system
use of them so that people can make their own decisions".

I'm also not particularly keen on just the plain space for storing the logs

> So if I am going to spin up a lot of boxes.. I am going to want those logs
> not on one box but transmitted to a central location. Does journald have
> remote logging capabilities (will it?)

Right, exactly. In that case, you'd install rsyslog, but not configure it to
write a thing locally -- just have it forward everything you want forwarded.

journald doesn't have remote logging capabilities and it's my understanding
that it's a non-goal. Personally, I'd be interested in seeing a lightweight
forwarder which integrates with, say, Logstash.

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