F20 System Wide Change: Web Assets

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Tue Jul 23 17:54:38 UTC 2013

Le Mar 23 juillet 2013 19:26, T.C. Hollingsworth a écrit :

> Honestly, I'd prefer that we fixed this in Fedora.  It solves this
> problem quite nicely, and I don't really think it's that widespread an
> issue anyway.

Historically it was quite widespread. The only bit of font metadata one
could rely on was the font name, and then not always. A font author would
widely announce the relicensing of his font and not change the metadata in
the font files. Even Google Droid had rotten licensing metadata when it
was first released IIRC

However there has been quite a lot evangelization about this issue in
free/open font circles those past years, so the situation may have

>  (I'm going to run a script to check soon; I'm
> downloading 300MB worth of fonts right now.  ;-)
> AFAICS it shouldn't be too hard to script up something so this would
> as easy as `fixfontmd --copyright "$(head -n3 LICENSE)" --licensedesc
> "$(cat LICENSE)" --licenseurl "http://example.com/LICENSE"` for
> packagers.
> I'd be happy to add a guideline for this and fix up existing packages
> if this seems amenable.

If you can write a tool that makes it easy to fix opentype licensing
fields at build time, I'll be delighted to support any guideline change
that mandated its use. However if you go in this direction please check on
the fonts and openfontlibrary list knowledgeable people agree there are no
wrong side-effect (this will reach debian font packagers at least BTW)


Nicolas Mailhot

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