Fedora Hosted Usability and Developer Experience

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Mon Jun 3 08:52:13 UTC 2013

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> Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> > Actually I was going to ask the opposite question: Do we still need
> > FedoraHosted?
> I have found it a valuable service to provide an upstream home for fedora-
> specific projects.

Sure, it's a great home for fedora-specific upstream, but unfortunately
only for these. When I tried to set it up as upstream source control for
my project, FAS account was blocker (aka I don't want another account and
this one is pretty tied to Fedora), also the perception that the project
is again - Fedora specific.

On the other hand I read somewhere "a how to do open source project 
properly" - there was a question why people use other infrastructure than 
GitHub and recommendation that every open source project should and have 
to use it and people should not use bitbucket (my preferred one ;-), 
gitorious etc. I also don't agree with this one.

To summarize it - I'm glad we have a place where we can host our Fedora
related projects, that do not overpass Fedora boundaries, but I'm not sure
it makes sense to try to replicate existing solutions (even our would be
open in the sense of not in the hands of proprietary company etc.). Still 
it's worth making fedorahosted experience better.

For Gitorious - KDE guys tried to move from SVN to Gitorious but they
ended up with very own infrastructure, see project.kde.org, there are several
blog posts - for example http://www.omat.nl/2011/09/25/kdes-infrastructure/

PS: One thing I have to note - when I was using fedorahosted service, I found
out the support was always excellent!


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