Bug cloning considered harmful

Eric Sandeen sandeen at redhat.com
Mon Jun 3 16:10:45 UTC 2013

On 6/3/13 11:06 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hi, folks. Just wanted to throw out a random note on something that
> often irks me.
> Next time you're thinking about cloning a bug: think twice. I've found
> that it's rarely the case that cloning a bug is really the right thing
> to do.
> When you clone a bug:
> * The new bug gets the exact same summary and clones a lot of the other
> metadata, including Blocks, Keywords and Whiteboard
> * The new bug gets a 'description' which includes the original
> description plus every single comment from the 'parent' bug
> * The new bug has everyone from the 'parent' bug's CC list on its CC
> list
> This is rarely really what you want, and often can be completely
> incorrect and annoying for the people in the CC list.
> Unless the above accurately describes the attributes you want your new
> bug to have, you're probably better off just filing a new one with a
> link to the old one than using the 'clone' function.

Or clone, but pay attention to the content before you hit submit.  Trim
comments, re-set flags, descriptions, keywords, cc, etc.


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