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Tue Jun 4 08:55:07 UTC 2013

Il giorno mar, 04/06/2013 alle 09.07 +0100, Jamie Nguyen ha scritto:
> On 04/06/13 08:26, Dario Lesca wrote:
> > About ffmpeg, a Debian's user say:
> > 
> >> "This package contains the deprecated ffmpeg program. This package
> >> also serves as a transitional package to libav-tools. Users are
> >> advised to use avconv from the libav-tools package instead of ffmpeg.
> >>
> >> Libav is a complete, cross-platform solution to decode, encode,
> >> record, convert and stream audio and video."
> ffmpeg is not deprecated at all and is still being actively developed.
> In fact, the upstream MPlayer tarball still contains ffmpeg, not libav.
> Libav is a fork of ffmpeg that happened early 2011 as some were unhappy
> with the project leader (Michael Niedermayer). Libav tried to take the
> ffmpeg trademark/website for themselves, but the owner of the trademark
> (Fabrice Bellard, original author of ffmpeg) intervened. The two
> projects are now going their separate ways.
> One of the members of the libav fork happens to be the maintainer of
> ffmpeg on Debian/Ubuntu, so he "deprecated" ffmpeg and spread what some
> might call misleading information about ffmpeg. Neither ffmpeg or libav
> seem significantly better or worse than the other, either in features or
> stability. Certainly neither of them can be considered deprecated
> projects. I was under the impression that they stopped showing the
> deprecation message, but it appears I may be wrong.
> This gives a detailed look at what happened. The author claims
> objectivity, but I'd take the facts and weigh things for yourself:
> > I'm looking for a Fedora's package for libav-tools (or avcomv)
> ffmpeg can be found in the RPMFusion repository:
> I don't think libav-tools is in any of our official repositories, though
> I believe the gstreamer1-libav package uses libav instead of ffmpeg.
> Most of our other media-related software is built with ffmpeg, not libav.
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> Jamie Nguyen

Thanks Jamie for your detailed explanation as well.

I will continue to use ffmpeg from RPMfusion

Many Thanks
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