Call for Bikeshedding: remote auth at install time

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Wed Jun 5 19:27:08 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-06-05 at 21:22 +0200, Stef Walter wrote:

> > So the endgame here is that there will be no remote authentication
> > option in anaconda *nor* in firstboot. 
> Is it really gone from firstboot?

firstboot does not exist any more. There are two replacements in F19.

'initial-setup' is used for all non-GNOME paths; it is basically a thin
wrapper around a few of anaconda's spokes. It uses the exact same user
creation spoke code as anaconda, so it supports whatever anaconda

'gnome-initial-setup' is used for all GNOME installs (well, unless you
fiddle with a kickstart). Up until g-i-s 0.10.x - what's in F19 Beta -
its remote auth configuration code was entirely and irretrievably
broken; the screen was there but it had zero chance of ever achieving
anything. From 0.11 on - what's in F19 Final TC1 and later - it ought to
be working a bit better, so there is _some_ capability for remote auth
configuration on our default desktop, but it's very new code, probably
still buggy, and limited in scope (as of course you know).

> > Can we get a button to skip g-i-s
> > mandatory user creation then ?
> I think that makes sense for some Fedora use cases. It would mean
> skipping g-i-s all together, since it's heavily centered around setting
> up a user. In any case Matthias is the upstream maintainer and I think
> Fedora packager too.

There's a bug report where Simo and Matthias have gone around a few
times on this: . I'll
say no more. On the non-GNOME path, user creation can be skipped in
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