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Matthew Miller mattdm at
Thu Jun 6 16:44:53 UTC 2013

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 03:43:32PM +0200, Jan Zelený wrote:
> Please send your requests as replies to this email so they can be properly 
> discussed. 

I know I'm a little slow on this, and I hope I didn't miss a duplicate in
the big thread, but here's mine:

Better handling of documentation and languages which aren't installed
initially. We often get requests to remove these things from the cloud
image (see for example,
or look what oVirt node does).

This would save a considerable amount of space -- in the cloud images, docs
and man pages are 5% of the installed footprint and locale is 10%. That's a
pretty big win for one thing. We have been reluctant to use the big RPM flag
hammers to prevent these from being installed, though, because we want the
core to be a minimal _building block_, and there's no graceful way to add
those things back if they're initially not selected. So, handling this
better would really help. 

One approach for docs might be to automatically separate %doc files into a
-doc subpackage, and have a yum option which automatically installs those
subpackages when the main package is installed. That's a bit ugly but
wouldn't take a lot of changes. Or something like deltarpm could be used to
add in missing doc and lang files if requested. But I'm not really wedded to
any solution; just offering up a problem we need solved.

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