Hardened checking - how?

Björn Esser bjoern.esser at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 20:43:58 UTC 2013

> Hi,
> Is there an official Fedora way for telling is something is hardened 
> correctly?
> I'm working on hardening mongodb, and I think I have it right, but I'd 
> really like to check.
> I was given a couple of scripts, which had dependencies not in Fedora, 
> which then had dependencies not in Fedora, and so forth.  At the third 
> level of dependencies, I figured there had to be a more official way.
> If I missed a Fedora web page on it, or it was in the recent hardening 
> discussion, feel free to point me to it.
> Thanks
> Troy Dawson

The hardening-check perl-script from
http://packages.debian.org/sid/hardening-includes sources might work in
fedora as well...
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