Self Introduction and review/sponsoring request

Roman Mohr roman at
Mon Jun 10 15:26:15 UTC 2013

Dear Fedora Community,

since 10 years I am using different Linux distributions and I am a big
fan of the idea of Open Source. As a heavy user of Open Source Software
I want to step up my efforts of giving back something. This is why I
want to become a package maintainer.

My name is Roman Mohr (to avoid confusions, I married a year ago, since
then my 'maiden name' was Fenkhuber) and I am living in Vienna, Austria.
My FAS-name is rfenkhuber. I have studied Computer Sciences and
Philosophy, both in Vienna. I have been working some time at the
Austrian Academy of Science as Java and Python developer and at the
moment I am working for an Austrian Weather Forecasting Company called
UBIMET, as C++ developer.

I have included some links to my open source contributions to make
myself more tangible to you. Among these you can find things like a
patch for VDSM [1] which is part of the Red Hat oVirt project, a trac
plugin for BibTex integration [2] and a RPC- and NFSv3 driver for
Nintendo Wii [3].

For the start I want to bring in fido [0] a very handy file watch
daemon. This is my first RPM package and I hope that I did not miss too
much while studying the packaging-guidlines. Maybe someone is interested
in sponsoring me or is just willing to give feedback to my package.

Best Regards,


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