Call for Bikeshedding: remote auth at install time

Stef Walter stefw at
Tue Jun 11 05:47:57 UTC 2013

On 10.06.2013 23:35, David Woodhouse wrote:
> On Sun, 2013-06-09 at 09:24 +0930, Glen Turner wrote:
>> I'd also strongly encourage a design which makes it easy for a
>> corporate-issued RPM to configure the authentication. For an example of
>> something wonderful, NetworkManager has a one-file-per-ssid design so its
>> easy for a RPM to drop in the configuration files for the corporate wireless.
>> I'd really like a company to be able to have a set of noarch RPMS which put
>> in place the minimum configuration for use within the organisation.
> FWIW I've had some of this working fairly nicely.
> A firstboot module takes the user's AD credentials, uses the internal
> PKI infrastructure to obtain SSL certificates for wifi and VPN, drops
> the appropriate NetworkManager config into place.
> That's the easy bit. Also configuring Evolution-EWS and pidgin-sipe is a
> bit harder, and Evolution is even *harder* to configure like that now
> that its account config has been improved (I last had it working when it
> involved gconftool-2).
> And Fedora 19 should *finally* make it vaguely sane to import the
> corporate SSL CAs to a central location rather than having to do it in
> seventeen different places for different SSL libraries and sometimes

Fedora 19 makes this possible (drop a file in a directory, run a
command), and Fedora 20 will make in smooth (tools, apis for it).

> even special locations for *particularly* braindamaged applications
> (pidgin).

Hmmm, we should probably fix that one to use the central stuff. David,
if we've missed any others in Fedora 19, could you file RHBZ bugs?



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