Does anyone still use system-config-language?

Anish Patil apatil at
Tue Jun 11 11:56:57 UTC 2013

Hi Jiri!

I used to think in the same way that system-config-language is no longer necessary but apparently it installs supporting packages for the languages and that is why people still use it.
I agree that some changes are required and we will make necessary changes in F19.

Anish P.

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Subject: Does anyone still use system-config-language?

I wonder if any spin is still using system-config-language. GNOME has
its own graphical utility to install language support, but AFAIK there
is no counterpart in other environments, right?
The problem is that system-config-language is completely broken since
F18 (see [1] because it didn't reflect changes in language groups.

So if there is no spin using it, we should probably remove it from
Fedora because in the current state, it's completely broken and useless.

If there is still need for the utility, then it probably should be

BTW what are recommended ways to install language support in e.g. KDE
and Xfce? Is there any other graphical way other than



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