Late Gnome Test Day report

Martin Holec mholec at
Tue Jun 11 14:22:02 UTC 2013


this is quick summary of Fedora 19 Gnome[1] Test Day.
Thanks to everybody who joined this event. Especially developers and QEs who were available during all day on IRC and were assisting users with their testing.


= Fedora 19 Gnome Test Day report =

923102 CLOSED ERRATA - crash in intel_pstate_timer_func on virtualization
923364 NEW  - [3.7.92] Despite moving mouse in Black Screen(Blank Screen), gnome-shell doesn't switch to unlock screen
923994 NEW  - gdm has no user list
924229 NEW  - unabel to boot fedora installed from liveCD - propably EFI bootloader?
924264 NEW  - cannot be selected as a default app
924266 NEW  - Cannot close an application in Activities
924273 NEW  - crash when viewing shotwell imported image
924277 NEW  - crash when scrolling
924285 CLOSED ERRATA - crash when doing organizing
924290 CLOSED NOTABUG - no quit super menu item
924295 CLOSED ERRATA - print option does nothing
924303 NEW  - searching photos cannot be turned on/off
924306 CLOSED CURRENTRELEASE - SELinux is preventing /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-localed from 'search' accesses on the directory xorg.conf.d.
924312 CLOSED ERRATA - favourite icon is sooo ugly and should be placed better
924315 NEW  - no options bar after first right click on picture
924329 NEW  - print test page does nothing
924343 NEW  - after switching on/off stealth mode the other options state is not preserved
924360 NEW  - Keyboard layout set on login screen doesn't persist after login
924368 NEW  - svg not supported
924370 NEW  - combo box disappears after first click
924371 NEW  - Set keyboard layout on one place only
924376 NEW  - cannot zoom
924378 NEW  - Unable to login as another user from the lock screen if the current user has autologin enabled
924379 NEW  - cannot zoom with numerical +/-
924385 NEW  - nouveau: graphic corruption after while
924392 CLOSED CURRENTRELEASE - Seahorse segfaults on startup
924396 CLOSED RAWHIDE - gnome-shell switching to All applications is very slow
924403 NEW  - dragging icon of running Firefox to new workspace creates and destroys the workspace
924409 NEW  - The master volume slider is not updated when changing volume
924699 CLOSED DUPLICATE - SELinux is preventing /usr/libexec/gdm-session-worker from 'write' accesses on the file .pwd.lock.
924776 CLOSED ERRATA - SELinux is preventing /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-localed from 'unlink' accesses on the file 00-keyboard.conf.
924795 NEW  - No users on gdm when using "switch user" feature
924800 NEW  - root account in "User" dialog
924808 NEW  - Shotwell is always opened on firs workspace
924813 NEW  - Hide "enable account" for users with no password
924816 NEW  - Weird behavior of lock screen / gdm
927327 NEW  - gnome-settings-daemon should cap maximum resolution at 2048 pixels in either dimension on Intel adapters that lose 3D acceleration above 2048
950051 NEW  - I can add multiple alarms on same time
950062 NEW  - Alarm doesn't run in background

Gnome BZ:
693910 NEW  - power: Don't change the brightness on inactive sessions
694914 RESOLVED FIXED - classic mode: add a workspace indicator
696271 NEEDINFO  - Complicated setting of keyboard layout
696280 UNCONFIRMED  - Cannot change Bluetooth handset from HSP/HFP to A2DP
696284 UNCONFIRMED  - 'Internal error' on connecting to Facebook
696285 RESOLVED FIXED - ownCloud: Check addressbook even if calendar fails
696293 RESOLVED DUPLICATE - Can't use the mouse scroller to zoom web content
696303 RESOLVED NOTGNOME - timezone setting is ignored
696304 RESOLVED FIXED - Can't create a new keyring with empty password
696308 RESOLVED INVALID - gnome-welcome-tour runs on every login
696317 UNCONFIRMED  - Reloading a HTML5 video resets sound volume to 100%
696368 UNCONFIRMED  - "Sort folders before files" is disabled by default
696371 RESOLVED DUPLICATE - Allow recording sound when using the integrated recorder
696372 RESOLVED FIXED - Changing file association makes the original default application disappear from properties, but not from menu
696374 RESOLVED FIXED - Display the same names in file context menu and file association properties
696377 UNCONFIRMED  - Can't switch keyboard layout in gdm
696378 UNCONFIRMED  - Dragged application from desktops overview shows on a wrong place.
696390 RESOLVED DUPLICATE - Nautilus crashes when setting background

Please developers have a look at the following bugs (if you didn't yet) as one of motivations for users to attend Test Days is that found bugs will be fixed soon via updates after installation.

Note, after almost 3 months there are lot of NEW bugs in Red Hat Bugzilla in contrast to many RESOLVED in Gnome Bugzilla. If you need any help with triaging bugs and testing bugfixes, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Martin Holec
Desktop QE, Red Hat Brno

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