Late KDE Test Day report

Martin Holec mholec at
Tue Jun 11 14:28:12 UTC 2013


this is quick summary of Fedora 19 KDE[1] Test Day.
Thanks to everybody who joined this event. Especially developers and QEs who were available during all day on IRC and were assisting users with their testing.


= Fedora 19 KDE Test Day report =

908380 CLOSED ERRATA - qt-at-spi module doesn't load due to kdeinit4 startup module linking issues
921632 NEW  - wrong dpi in VM
921735 NEW  - bad permissions after dragging from trash directly w/o restore
921742 NEW  - DPMS control error from AC profile in VM
921778 NEW  - fast user switching gives wrong hotkey help
921781 NEW  - desktop effects are very slow with intel graphics and two monitors
922661 NEW  - Calligra Words crashed when trying to save document
922668 NEW  - Exporting simple spreadsheet to LibreOffice format made Calligra Sheets exhaust resources
922682 NEW  - Calligra Flow is unable to save document in other than default format
922715 NEW  - Recently Accessed files/folders are empty
922727 NEW  - Google Chrome keeps popping up KDE Wallet dialogue
924767 NEW  - kwin crashes after an external display is disconnected

307990 CONFIRMED  - Auto join jabber conference rooms
310162 ASSIGNED  - Rekonq isn't usable with screen reader Orca
310166 UNCONFIRMED  - Navigation by arrow in kickstarter menu isn't consistent in "Application" sub-menu.
310316 UNCONFIRMED  - Rekonq won't resize flash-plugin frame when changing player size
318152 RESOLVED FIXED - Rekonq remembers previously closed tabs on next startup
318184 UNCONFIRMED  - KMail crash after removing recipient
319313 UNCONFIRMED  - Select KDE accounts file 'text field' overflows

Please developers have a look at the following bugs (if you didn't yet) as one of motivations for users to attend Test Days is that found bugs will be fixed soon via updates after installation.

Note, after 3 months there are lot of NEW and UNCONFIRMED bugs in both bugzillas and only two bugs are actually RESOLVED or CLOSED. If you need any help with triaging bugs and testing bugfixes, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Martin Holec
Desktop QE, Red Hat Brno

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