Does anyone still use system-config-language?

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Hi Jiri,

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> Hi,
> I wonder if any spin is still using system-config-language. GNOME has
> its own graphical utility to install language support, but AFAIK there
> is no counterpart in other environments, right?

system-config-language is a distro specific tool. It just installs required
packages and set the root user language. I find this tool useful where you
don't need to find particular fonts or input methods explicitly and install
them. Good for novice users. GNOME language support is a different from

The problem is that system-config-language is completely broken since
> F18 (see [1] because it didn't reflect changes in language groups.

system-config-language is used to install language support that includes
fonts, input-method engine and any other packages listed for that language
group in comps file. Since comps moved to start using yum-langpacks and few
language support groups have been removed, system-config-language  failed
to install support for those languages. If we decide to re-write this tool
for yum-langpacks then other packages will not get pulled automatically
which have been explicitly listed in comps for some languages.

I still have not got solution on how to balance this in

> So if there is no spin using it, we should probably remove it from
> Fedora because in the current state, it's completely broken and useless.

> If there is still need for the utility, then it probably should be
> fixed.

I am looking into fixing system-config-language but not sure how much time
will it take.

> BTW what are recommended ways to install language support in e.g. KDE
> and Xfce? Is there any other graphical way other than
> system-config-language?
> Jiri
> [1]
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