Dependency issue with some mate packages

Rave it chat-to-me at
Thu Jun 13 13:12:37 UTC 2013

> On Wed, 12 Jun 2013 09:12:07 +0200
> Rave it <chat-to-me at> wrote:
> > See
> > 
> > This update should fix the dependency issue.
> > mate-desktop-1.6.1-7.fc18 has been pushed to the Fedora 18 stable
> > repository.
> > 
> > mate-vfs and mate-mime-data is obsolete with MATE-1.6, you can savely
> > remove this packages by hand. 'yum remove mate-vfs-smb mate-vfs-devel
> > mate-mime-data-devel' Than do yum update again.  
> Having to manually remove packages to update is not very ideal. ;( 
> If these have completely gone away, perhaps you could obsolete them in
> one of the core mate packages? 
> Also, the comment in that bug with: 
> "you may lose all your customizations by upgrading to 1.6" is a bit
> troubling. Perhaps this shouldn't be pushed to a stable release?
> kevin

There is no technical reason for this warning because MATE starts with 1.5.x in fedora which use gsettings and not mateconf. In result there is any user who needs to convert old user mateconf keys to gsettings.
In other distro's like linuxmint which started with mate-1.4.x (using mate-conf) or debian we had some issues that users lost his configuration with the update to 1.6.x for this reason.


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