httpd-itk broken over release because httpd updated without dependencies caring and maintainer refuse fixing

Pavel Alexeev forum at
Sun Jun 16 14:47:32 UTC 2013


I've speak about bug [1]

Fix is trivial - just apply 3 svn commits from upstream svn repository
(provided revision numbers).

Users ask when it will fixed (look at few dependent bugs), but I think
it could not.

Other way is ugly - build my own Apache and include its sources as it
was done before, but Joe Orton (primary httpd maintainer) promise (on
refusing my  request to provide convenient environment to build MPMs) in
2.4 version module structure for that [2,3].

Update to 2.4 version happened, but dependent httpd-itk still broken.

So, is there any chance to force apply these patches (as provenpackager
I can do it itself)? Or I only may wait next apache release or apply
again such ugly hacks with sources?

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[2] -
[3] -
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