Need some advices moving a fedora package from sysVinit to systemd t

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Tue Jun 18 15:50:18 UTC 2013

Hello lennart,

Lets forget about question#1 (conditionnal dependancy) for now

About question#2 (systemctl within ExecStartPre script).

> You really shouldn't do stuff like that as part of the normal boot
> process. Starting and then restarting things in the same boot process is
> really the wrong thing to do. What exactly are you trying to do here?
As said previously, on the FIRST  application starting, it try to configure
itself, one of the configuration component is an httpd configuration file
which is added, a nice way for httpd daemon to know about it, is a "reload".
I am not trying to override starting sequence (this is systemd very  
strong point),
just trying a way to advice another application something change.
this is for the first start, next start (or restart) is a very  
straightforward because all configuration is detected already done and  
systemd just need to make sure other
Required component are up and running.

About question#3 (timing delay within systemd to catch PIDfile).
I was totally wrong, problem is not a timing/race condition while starting
the daemon. Problem is a "bug" (rather a discrepancy) within systemd.
PIDfile is scanned as %D while ours was written/scanned as %d.
So systemd was understanding PID as an octal (our PID included leading 0).
The way PID are stored within a pidfile doesn't mater as long it is
consistent within the application component. Now we have an external
component (systemd) we need to agree on a standard, may be you should
update the manual to specify pid number iexpected format is %D.

For now, I decided to not use PIDfile and rely only on
ExecStart and ExecStop.
Question#3 is resolved, lets concentrate on question #2.

Just a Note: that would be very nice to have a incremental verbose mode
within systemctl such we could follow what is doing in (near) real time
when trying to debug an application.service.

A bientôt
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