Minimal install diff from F16 to F19 (TC6)

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Thu Jun 20 20:04:33 UTC 2013

Am 20.06.2013 20:55, schrieb Matthew Miller:
> On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 01:15:37PM -0500, Chris Adams wrote:
>>> Mind if I ask why you think this way about NetworkManager? The NM
>>> currently shipping in Fedora 19 has full support for managing static
>>> NICs, as well as bonding, bridging and VLAN support for enterprise
>>> use-cases.
>> I think most "traditional" system admins see a running NM daemon as an
>> additional point of failure in a static network.  If my server's network
>> setup is static, I don't want a daemon running attempting to "manage"
>> it.  If it has a bug, gets misconfigured, etc., it might do something to
>> screw up an otherwise working setup.
> Hence, the RFE -- a mode which sets up the above, and then goes away.
> There are significant advantages to having a single code path for network
> configuration on the system -- easier support, simpler documenation, easier
> administration between multiple systems, easier development of new
> distribution features overall

this is simply the wrong road

why do we have multiple desktops?
why do we have a ton of text-editors?
why do we have different mail-programs?
why do we have differnet web-browsers?

because they are useful in different ways as well as configs
working since decades for network-setup and firewalling

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