Getting rid of systemd-sysv-convert?

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> in my life i make descisions and follow them straight

If you're one person, it's fairly easy to make a decision and follow it
straight through to completion.  If you're a Linux distribution, it's a bit
harder to make radical shifts -- and heaven only knows that Fedora takes
more radical shifts than many other Linux distributions.

Your logical fallacy here is that the distribution works just like you do.
I've seen you argue time and time again in the mailing lists that because
*you* do things a certain way, that the *distribution* should work that
way.  Or that if you don't like a particular tool, that the distribution
shouldn't use it.  I don't know how else to say it other than to come right
out and say it directly -- the distribution doesn't revolve around you.  It
doesn't revolve around me either, and didn't even revolve around me while I
was the FPL.  It revolves around collective consensus and the authority
delegated to those we elect to FESCo and FAmSCo and to those on the Fedora

Now to come back from the theoretical to the case in point -- systemd.
Yes, we *could* have held up the release of the entire distribution (for
how long?) until every single System-V and upstart style initscript was
converted over to systemd.  I could argue that doing so might have
technically been the right thing for *systemd*, but I cannot argue that
it's the right thing for the distribution overall.  Fedora is a living
breathing collection of moving parts -- you can't stop the entire process
just to make one tiny portion perfect.  The whole reason we have an
engineering steering committee is so that they can make the tough decisions
on items like this.  You can continue to argue about what should have
happened in the past, but it's not going to change the fact that we've
collectively made a decision to keep rolling Fedora releases without having
everything perfectly converted over to systemd.

If you think I'm wrong and feel like pressing the issue further, I invite
you to open a FESCo ticket and have them review the issue again.  But
please, don't continue to rant about decisions made in the past without
trying to find a way to make things better in the future.  Open source is
about scratching itches -- you can either scratch the itch yourself,
convince someone else to scratch the itch for you, or convince someone else
that it's really them that's itching.  Complaining about an itch you had
two years ago doesn't help relieve the itchy feeling.

Jared Smith
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