Fedora 19 Final blocker status: fix and karma requests

Matthias Clasen mclasen at redhat.com
Sun Jun 23 22:04:55 UTC 2013

On Sat, 2013-06-22 at 22:51 -0700, Adam Williamson wrote:

> So here's some results.
> f2e707287dd82cccb05a3fef6b75cb356744ca58 (Jun 14), no update: 1019215872
> f2e707287dd82cccb05a3fef6b75cb356744ca58 (Jun 14), update: 1017118720
> 1a0c28fdf638796bda60ed2785f95eac16a85b65 (Jun 22), update: 1005584384
> that is, with the old spin-kickstarts and without the above update,
> we're 19215872 bytes oversize; with the update but old spin-kickstarts,
> we're 17118720 bytes oversize (the update saves ~2.1MB); and with the
> update and latest spin-kickstarts, we're 5584384 bytes oversize (the
> kickstart changes save ~11.5MB). We still need to find another 5.6MB
> from somewhere.

Thanks for producing those numbers. I've made 2 more cuts in the
kickstart file, and dropped eog (we have shotwell) and the Gnu FreeFont

Maybe it is worth looking ahead and see how we can avoid this situation
come F20. Here are some sizes as found on the current desktop spin:

total size    2671M

translations   402M
input methods  133M
fonts           89M
rpm db          82M
firmware        59M
boot loader     40M

There are some possible savings by completing transitions / obsoletions:

- Both gstreamer1 and gstreamer are on the spin. 0.10 is pulled in by
libpurple -> farstream. Possible savings:  17M.

- GConf2 is still there, pulled in by gstreamer, gnome-session,
libreoffice-core, NetworkManager-openconnect and gnome-terminal.
Possible savings: 6M

- We have both js and mozjs17. js is still used by gjs, libpeas,
libproxy-mozjs and gnome-shell. Possible savings: 7M

- Both festival and flite are getting pulled in by speech-dispatcher.
Possible savings: 9M. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=799140

- Both python2 and python3 are on the spin. This will certainly be with
us for a while.

There are also quite a few minor one-off dependencies that are pulled in
by a single package, such as libgphoto2 -> gd -> libXpm or
frei0r-plugins -> gavl or festival -> sox -> libao.

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