A need for build triggers & automatic rebuilds

Florian Weimer fweimer at redhat.com
Mon Jun 24 10:55:57 UTC 2013

On 06/24/2013 11:59 AM, Aleksandar Kurtakov wrote:

>> I believe Debian relaxes the OSGi-generated dependencies on system
>> libraries.  Fedora should do the same thing in its Eclipse packaging.
> Just to clarify a bit - this is not a limitation of OSGi. It's the Eclipse implementation being faulty of this. And when I say Eclipse implementation I mean Eclipse platform because the actual OSGi runtime in Eclipse (called Equinox) works perfectly with version ranges and doesn't suffer from this problem at all. It's the Eclipse IDE that suffers from this due to legacy reasons.

Yes, thanks for the clarification.  As I said, I believe that Debian 
patches the generated dependencies to be more lenient.  At least they 
did some time ago—this particular feature might have been lost along 
with Eclipse build system changes.

> This shows another problem though: expressing version range in a spec file e.g there is no easy way to say I want a package that provides osgi(smth) [1.0.0, 1.5.0). If you try to express it with RPM requires as two statements:
> Requires: osgi(smth) >= 1.0.0
> Requires: osgi(smth) < 1.5.0
> it's not exactly the same  as having packages providing osgi(0.9) and osgi(1.6.0) will satisfy this requirements too. I know this is hypothetical but it shows the inability to require version range in RPM terms reliably. And the way to get that but not fail-proof is too verbose now.

Conflicts with future versions which do not exist yet are a bit 
questionable, IMHO.  In most cases, you don't know that 1.6.0 will 
actually be incompatible with your code because it hasn't been released yet.

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