Fedora 19 Final blocker status: fix and karma requests

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Mon Jun 24 20:21:14 UTC 2013

On Mon, 2013-06-24 at 07:22 -0400, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:

> > that is, with the old spin-kickstarts and without the above update,
> > we're 19215872 bytes oversize; with the update but old spin-kickstarts,
> > we're 17118720 bytes oversize (the update saves ~2.1MB); and with the
> > update and latest spin-kickstarts, we're 5584384 bytes oversize (the
> > kickstart changes save ~11.5MB). We still need to find another 5.6MB
> > from somewhere.
> Do we have to be byte strict here? For physical medium sizes, we had to
> be, this 1 GB is more "we set it as we think it's a good idea". Or maybe
> 1 GB sticks (what's the real size one can use + overlay?) but it's not
> as strict, as you could pick up bigger one.

So my take on that is:

* As long as we have a size limit we should be byte-strict. This is just
for practical reasons: it's excessively difficult to enforce a 'fuzzy'
size cap. It's much easier if it's just Thou Shalt Not.

* There is nothing magical about 10000000000 (whatever the zero count
is) bytes. We picked the power-of-10 GB as a pessimistic number for the
USB stick case: we haven't actually sent anyone to Staples to buy a
bunch of USB sticks and figure out exactly how many bytes you can write
to one with a given stated capacity, we just figured that was the safe
pessimistic number to use. Personally I'm not in any way wedded to that
specific size limit for the desktop live image; if the desktop team
wants to change it, fine. As I wrote earlier in the thread, I'd just
like to make sure the spin doesn't get so large people consider it
bloated, and doesn't start interfering with our ability to do the
four-desktop live DVD.
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