Fedora 19 status is ALIVE, GA on July 02, 2013

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Fri Jun 28 16:25:58 UTC 2013

On Fri, 28 Jun 2013 17:00:40 +0100
Matthew Garrett <mjg59 at srcf.ucam.org> wrote:

> 979205 got filed yesterday, which makes it incredibly difficult to 
> install F19 on Macs while keeping OS X. This is rather frustrating, 
> since Fedora's the only distribution with any significant support for 
> running on Apple hardware. There's two problems here:
> 1) QA apparently don't have any Macs, so it's difficult to test this 
> case
> 2) Policy says that once the go decision has been made, there's no
> way to revoke it
> (1) is something that we really need to solve, because it's clearly 
> unreasonable to expect community members to have a test Mac to
> install every RC.
> (2) is stranger. Obviously once an image is released, we're not going
> to be able to recall it, and we have no history of producing updated 
> install images. But right now we're in a window where we haven't 
> officially shipped anything and are saying we can't fix this issue 
> purely because we've written a policy that says we can't.

It's not strange to me. Once "go" happens there's a lot of wheels that
start in motion: 

- Press/announcements/scheduling. Things like release day parties,
  ordering media to give out at events, reviewers in press, etc. 

- Branched nightly compose is disabled, 0 day updates populated. If we
  needed to pick things out of updates to re-add to the base repo we
  would have to reverse this, which is of course possible, but a
  gigantic hassle, something we have never done before so likely error
  prone, etc. 

- Content is staging to mirrors. We could of course tweak this content,
  but mirrors are expecting it now and may not like having to re-sync
  large content like isos. Note that a fedora release is not "an
  image". It's a pretty staggering amount of content. ;) 

and finally the big one: 

- Say we ground all the wheels to a halt and slipped for this bug.
  Where to do we draw the line? If someone comes up with a bug at
  9:50am on release morning, do we cancel everything? There has to be a
  point where we say "sorry, it's too late" and this has been it since
  it makes sense from a logistic standpoint. 

Hopefully this makes sense.  

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