More unhelpful update descriptions

Michael Catanzaro mike.catanzaro at
Sat Jun 29 00:44:22 UTC 2013

There still seems to be an issue with the update descriptions that we
present in PackageKit. A lot of people just write "update to version
x.y.z" which is not great, but a whole lot better than some of the ones
we've been seeing recently. For example, from two updates I got today:

* "Not tested locally yet, I need to spin back up a Fedora 18 VM."
* "Here is where you give an explanation of your update."

Now the first one is obviously a one-off mistake, but had the update
been checked over just once it would have been caught. The placeholder
one is a big recurring problem, though: it seems to show up at least
every week or so, which is not OK.

And once, about two months ago -- I really should have complained then
and not now -- an update was pushed where the text displayed in
PackageKit was something along the lines of "why do I have to describe
my update here when I've already filled out the RPM changelog." I wish
it was a joke, but something like that was actually pushed as the
description of a F18 update presented to every user who glances over the

We need written policy on update descriptions, since despite the last
discussion on this list [1], poor update descriptions continue to
blemish the otherwise-professional image of the distro. A starting point
suggestion: "Every update should have at least a one sentence
description." If the update is not worth writing one sentence about, it
is not worth pushing out.

Happy Friday,

Michael Catanzaro

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