[ACTION REQUIRED] Retiring packages for Fedora 19 - March 4 update

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Mon Mar 4 18:20:22 UTC 2013

Before we branch for Fedora 19, as is custom, we will block currently
orphaned packages and packages that have failed to build since Fedora 17.

The following packages are currently orphaned, or fail to build. If
you have a need for one of these packages, please pick them up.
If no one claims any of these packages, they will be blocked before
we branch for Fedora 19. That is currently scheduled to happen on
or around March 12.

Package HippoDraw (orphan)
Package PyPE (orphan)
Package Temperature.app (orphan)
Package afraid-dyndns (orphan)
Package alsamixer-dockapp (orphan)
Package aplus-fsf (fails to build)
Package aswvdial (orphan)
Package auto-nng (orphan)
Package bamf (orphan)
	comaintained by: jspaleta
Package blazeblogger (orphan)
Package bouncycastle-tsp (orphan)
Package bzr-explorer (orphan)
Package c2050 (orphan)
Package c2070 (orphan)
Package canto (orphan)
Package certmaster (orphan)
	comaintained by: alikins
Package compton (orphan)
Package cputnik (orphan)
Package dasher (orphan)
Package eclipse-m2m-qvtoml (fails to build)
Package eclipse-mercurial (fails to build)
	comaintained by: overholt
Package em8300 (orphan)
Package emacs-ecb (orphan)
Package emacs-rpm-spec-mode (orphan)
Package emacs-slime (orphan)
Package email2trac (fails to build)
Package fcron (orphan)
Package ganymed-ssh2 (orphan)
	comaintained by: akurtakov
Package gkrellm-weather (orphan)
Package global (orphan)
Package gmyth (orphan)
Package gnome-mag (orphan)
Package griffith (orphan)
Package gtksourceview2-sharp (fails to build)
Package guimup (orphan)
Package haildb (orphan)
Package inamik-tableformatter (orphan)
Package javacsv (orphan)
Package jopt-simple (orphan)
Package libdrizzle (orphan)
Package libgnomecups (orphan)
Package libindicator (orphan)
	comaintained by: jspaleta
Package libopensync-plugin-sunbird (orphan)
	comaintained by: awjb
Package lx (orphan)
Package mimetic (orphan)
Package mingw-openjpeg (orphan)
	comaintained by: epienbro
Package mlmmj (orphan)
Package mtpfs (orphan)
Package nagios-plugins-rhev (fails to build)
Package ncpfs (orphan)
Package nitrogen (orphan)
Package notification-daemon (orphan)
Package obapps (orphan)
Package ocaml-cmigrep (orphan)
Package pbm2l2030 (orphan)
Package pbm2l7k (orphan)
Package pclock (orphan)
Package perl-Bio-Graphics (orphan)
	comaintained by: alexlan
Package perl-Fedora-Bugzilla (orphan)
	comaintained by: mmaslano
Package perl-bioperl (orphan)
	comaintained by: alexlan
Package perl-bioperl-run (orphan)
	comaintained by: alexlan
Package pidgin-gfire (orphan)
Package polkit-gnome (orphan)
Package python-GeoIP (orphan)
Package python-chm (orphan)
Package python-drizzle (orphan)
Package python-wsgi-jsonrpc (orphan)
Package rubygem-acts-as-list (orphan)
Package spicebird (orphan)
Package sympy (orphan)
Package trac-agilo-plugin (orphan)
	comaintained by: kevin
Package util-vserver (orphan)
Package vdr-skins (orphan)
Package vdr-text2skin (orphan)
Package vdr-wapd (orphan)
Package volpack (orphan)
Package wmSun (orphan)
Package wmbinclock (orphan)
Package wmblob (orphan)
Package wmcalc (orphan)
Package wmcore (orphan)
Package wmcube (orphan)
Package wmdrawer (orphan)
Package wmeyes (orphan)
Package wmnet (orphan)
Package wmpuzzle (orphan)
Package wmsystemtray (orphan)
Package wmtictactoe (orphan)
Package wmtop (orphan)
Package wmwave (orphan)
Package wmweather (orphan)
Package xml-writer (orphan)

List of deps left behind by packages which are orphaned or fail to build:

Removing: bamf
    bamf-qt requires bamf-devel = 0.2.104-4.fc18
    gnome-pie requires libbamf3.so.0
    gnome-pie requires bamf3-devel = 0.2.104-4.fc18

Removing: bouncycastle-tsp
    itext requires bouncycastle-tsp = 1.46-6.fc19
    itext-core requires bouncycastle-tsp = 1.46-6.fc19

Removing: c2050
    printer-filters requires c2050 = 0.3b-7.fc19

Removing: c2070
    printer-filters requires c2070 = 0.99-10.fc19

Removing: certmaster
    func requires certmaster = 0.28-5.fc19

Removing: gmyth
    gstreamer-plugins-bad-free requires gmyth-devel = 0.7.1-20.fc19
    gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-extras requires libgmyth.so.0

Removing: jopt-simple
    springframework requires jopt-simple = 3.3-8.fc19

Removing: libgnomecups
    libgnomeprint22 requires libgnomecups-1.0.so.1
    libgnomeprint22 requires libgnomecups-devel = 0.2.3-12.fc18

Removing: lx
    printer-filters requires lx = 20030328-9.fc19

Removing: ncpfs
    medusa requires libncp.so.2.3
    medusa requires ncpfs-devel = 2.2.6-18.fc19
    medusa requires libncp.so.2.3(NCPFS.
    medusa requires libncp.so.2.3(NCPFS_2.2.0.19)
    medusa requires libncp.so.2.3(NCPFS_2.2.1)

Removing: notification-daemon
    gnome-session requires notification-daemon = 0.7.6-2.fc19
    notification-daemon-engine-nodoka requires notification-daemon = 0.7.6-2.fc19

Removing: pbm2l2030
    printer-filters requires pbm2l2030 = 1.4-10.fc19

Removing: pbm2l7k
    printer-filters requires pbm2l7k = 990321-11.fc19

Removing: perl-bioperl
    perl-Bio-ASN1-EntrezGene requires perl(Bio::Index::AbstractSeq)
    perl-Bio-SamTools requires perl(Bio::PrimarySeq)
    perl-Bio-SamTools requires perl(Bio::SeqFeature::Lite)

Removing: polkit-gnome
    cups-pk-helper requires polkit-gnome = 0.105-4.fc19
    gdm requires polkit-gnome = 0.105-4.fc19
    gnome-session requires polkit-gnome = 0.105-4.fc19
    xfce4-session requires polkit-gnome = 0.105-4.fc19

Removing: python-GeoIP
    mirrormanager requires python-GeoIP = 1.2.5-0.7.20090931cvs.fc19
    nicotine+ requires python-GeoIP = 1.2.5-0.7.20090931cvs.fc19
    transmission-remote-cli requires python-GeoIP = 1.2.5-0.7.20090931cvs.fc19
    wtop requires python-GeoIP = 1.2.5-0.7.20090931cvs.fc19

Removing: python-chm
    archmage requires python-chm = 0.8.4-14.fc19
    chm2pdf requires python-chm = 0.8.4-14.fc19

Removing: python-wsgi-jsonrpc
    python-windmill requires python-wsgi-jsonrpc = 0.2.9-3.fc19

Removing: volpack
    amide requires volpack-devel = 1.0c7-7.fc19
    amide requires libvolpack.so.1

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