Unhelpful update descriptions

Michael Catanzaro mike.catanzaro at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 15:41:11 UTC 2013

Since switching to Fedora I've been noticing most Fedora stable updates
are released with a short, helpful description of the update, possibly
including a list of bugs fixed, just like in other major distros. But
unlike other major distros, other updates have less helpful

* "Update to latest upstream version"
* "No update information available"
* "Here is where you give an explanation of your update. Here is where
you give an explanation of your update."

Perhaps the update policy should have a guideline on the minimum amount
of information required in this description. E.g. "update to latest
upstream version" might be a perfectly acceptable description for Fedora
given the fast pace of updates, but I don't think users should ever be
seeing "no update information available" and especially not "here is
where you give an explanation of your update." (And I've seen this one
multiple times within the past couple of weeks.)

I'm not suggesting essays, but at least a unique sentence fragment would
be good for each update. Please? :-)

Michael Catanzaro
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