Improving the Fedora boot experience

Bill Nottingham notting at
Mon Mar 11 19:57:37 UTC 2013

Björn Persson (bjorn at rombobjö said: 
> Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > - Turn off the graphical grub screen
> > 
> > Even if we are not able to suppress the boot menu entirely, or having a clean boot menu like this:, avoiding the graphical screen will be a win in terms of reduced visual noise.
> What would there be instead? A text-mode boot menu? Or nothing at all
> displayed unless the user happens to know to press some key at the
> right moment?

Ideally, we'd detect whether the previous boot failed in some way and only
offer the menu then, or if the user chooses to reboot into the menu.
(There's still some systemd/grub interaction work required for both of


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