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Thu May 2 19:37:13 UTC 2013

On 2 May 2013 19:40, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones at> wrote:

> I'm Ravindra's sponsor.
> Just to clarify a few points:
> - VMware are trying to work better with Fedora, and to help this along
>   I've been supervising him adding open-vm-tools to Fedora.
> - Because this is just starting out, there are a few mixed messages,
>   including some advice to remove open-vm-tools (which is now, or soon
>   will be wrong advice).  I hope that Ravindra can work with his
>   employers to get that advice changed as necessary.
> - As Dan said, the open-vm-tools package only starts the service if
>   the hypervisor is VMware.

...and just for the note I'm the reviewer and co-mantainer of it for the
RHEL and Fedora <= 18 branches.

I'm trying to integrate the package properly in Fedora as I'm a consumer of
VMware and RHEL/Fedora systems.

During the long review; I've filed a bug onto RHEL's procps package [1]
that popped out while building on that platform, filed a FESco ticket to
see if the service could be enabled on install [2]; and when FESco gave the
approval I filed a bug for enabling it in the systemd preset file [3]. The
systemd preset request is still unassigned.

Making sure open-vm-tools will be conditionally installed if the system is
being run virutalized under VMware is another step that would help Fedora
being a first class citizen as a VMware guest.

I would like to point out that on my physical laptop I have spice-vdagentd
installed, probably it was installed from the first DVD install. There was
an RFE bug opened regarding conditional installation of the agent on Spice
guests [4], but it seems it was simply included by default on all installs.
So to keep consistency; open-vm-tools should apply the same logic here.

I'm not an Anaconda developer but I guess open-vm-tools and spice agents
can follow the same logic that is applied to other packages like the EFI
tools; i.e. are installed conditionally. I would prefer not to have them
installed on my laptop.


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