[GSoC13] Implement a binding translator for GlusterFS

Tiago Lam tiagolam at gmail.com
Thu May 2 20:03:26 UTC 2013

On 05/02/2013 04:07 PM, Sarup Banskota wrote:
> Tiago,
> Just skimmed through your write-ups and noted a few (trivial) points:

Hi Sarup, thank you very much for that :)

>     1. It's good if you could fix some grammar - Capitalizing the
> 'i's, InterCapping words like "GitHub" and so on.

Yeah, I tried my best when I was giving my final review before
submitting, but I get I missed a few ones.

>     2. The melange page has provisions for bulleting, so it's a good
> idea to make use of that instead of the *'s you use in the wiki.

You're right, it gives a better look. Done it.

>     3. In places like "Relevant experience", it's generally good to
> provide links to whatever work you have done :)

I still want to improve that part, will do it ASAP. And will definitely
put links where I can. The thing is, the projects I have done here at
the University are hosted in a private storage. I'm not sure to what
extent I can make them public - And since they are group projects, it's
not just my code there.

> I haven't really looked into the the technical aspects yet (I'm new as
> well, and applying this year), that is something a mentor will be able
> to provide better insight on. So get in touch with a mentor soon!

As for now, I'm waiting on a response, but thanks a bunch for your insights.

> Good luck.

Best of luck for you to.

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