Schedule for Wednesday's FESCo Meeting (2013-05-01)

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Fri May 3 13:35:36 UTC 2013

Le Ven 3 mai 2013 15:17, Chris Adams a écrit :
> Once upon a time, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at> said:
>> Le Mer 1 mai 2013 17:53, Toshio Kuratomi a écrit :
>> > #topic Clarify release name guidelines - Explicitly list blacklisted
>> > characters
>> Since UTF-8 contains many glyphs with similar shapes and uses, the
>> guideline needs to first explicitly state that release names must be
>> encoded in UTF-8, and second list the forbidden glyphs with their
>> codepoint number (to avoid ambiguities).
> I don't think so, because I don't think the shell recognizes anything
> but the 7-bit characters as "special".

My point is precisely that only some glyphs with this look need to be
blacklisted, so for people to know which squiggle is allowed and which
squiggle is forbidden you need to explicitly state the codepoint of the
forbidden squiggle.

Nicolas Mailhot

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