Q: webfonts:

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Fri May 3 14:47:26 UTC 2013

Le Ven 3 mai 2013 16:24, Jason L Tibbitts III a écrit :
>>>>>> "NM" == Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net> writes:
> NM> I'm not convinced at all this needs changing, since mod_alias
> NM> permits mapping of system paths anywhere you want in your URL space.
> But selinux probably doesn't, so the issue is slightly more complicated.

I don't think selinux will block web server accesses to
/usr/share/fonts/something, since we deploy webapps in
/usr/share/something_else, which is pretty much the same namespace.

If selinux wanted to filter accesses to /usr/share/fonts, a ro rule would
be sufficient IMHO

Nicolas Mailhot

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