Pending soname bumps for m4ri, m4rie, and ntl

Jerry James loganjerry at
Fri May 3 20:47:50 UTC 2013

I would like to push updates for m4ri 20130416, m4rie 20130416, and
ntl 6.0.0 to Rawhide.  Each of those updates involves an soname bump.
This will require rebuilds of the following packages:


I have built all of these in mock (although the sagemath build is
still going; that one takes awhile!).  This also incidentally fixes
the Macaulay2 failure to build due to a bug in latte-integrale, Rex.
Sorry that has taken so long, but I just got the patch from upstream
to fix the problem this morning.

I can handle all of the rebuilds unless any of the maintainers want to
do it themselves.

If the Singular maintainer is interested, I have worked out how to
update it to 3-1-6, and also enable the polymake interface at the same
time.  Let me know if you would like me to do that as part of the
rebuild.  We should also consider making a flint-compat or flint1
package, so we can upgrade the flint package to version 2, unless
sagemath can be adapted to flint 2.x without too much trouble.
Singular wants version 2.

If the other maintainers involved will let me know how they would like
to handle this, I can either coordinate the rebuilds or do them

Jerry James

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