FYI: F20 Feature: Migrate to Bluez5

Bastien Nocera bnocera at
Mon May 6 07:35:47 UTC 2013


In Fedora 20, we'll be using BlueZ 5.x to manage Bluetooth devices.

Bluez5 uses a D-Bus API that's not compatible with Bluez4[1] and as
such, management applications and a number of libraries and daemons will
need to be ported.

For GNOME 3.10 (due September 2013), Gustavo Padovan and I are going to
be porting gnome-bluetooth, NetworkManager and PulseAudio to BlueZ5.
Packages for BlueZ5 will be available as soon as we figure out how to
integrate a few downstream features that were in the Fedora packages.

Bluez4 and Bluez5 are not parallel-installable, and incompatible, so
other applications relying on Bluez4 will need to be ported by their
respective maintainers.



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