Self introduction, and maintaining MySQL package

Norvald H. Ryeng norvald.ryeng at
Mon May 6 08:13:28 UTC 2013

On Fri, 03 May 2013 16:06:36 +0200, James Hogarth  
<james.hogarth at> wrote:

>> Please log this in the package review. Let's proceed with the rest of  
>> the
>> review and look at renaming as a separate issue later.
> The current maintainers  of community-mysql  stated that their preference
> was to wait for F20 for community-msql 5.6 a couple of weeks back given
> that we are well past Feature Freeze, Branch, Alpha and only a few days  
> off
> the Translation Deadline...
> If the renaming is to be left as a separate issue then what specifically  
> is
> left for F19?

The current maintainers have stated that they don't intend to maintain the  
package much longer, and we've volunteered to maintain it. Exactly how and  
when a transition of maintainership is done is still not decided, but  
please at least review our first package submission.

We've been open about the intention to upgrade to 5.6 for months, but have  
respectfully waited to submit since the change of default has been  
difficult enough without introducing yet another variable into the  
equation. Now that the dust has settled and we seem to have a default  
selection that works, it's time to upgrade.

I see review requests on the list for new packages that people want into  
F19, so I don't see how it could be too late for upgrading an existing  


Norvald H. Ryeng

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