Heads up: LLVM 3.3 and Mesa 9.2-pre

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Mon May 6 13:37:41 UTC 2013

LLVM 3.3 is coming soon, and is required [1] for some upcoming Mesa
features including newer Radeon support and llvmpipe on big-endian

Naturally, zero of the other llvm consumers in the OS actually build
against llvm 3.3 without patching.  If you're one of the -owners cc'd on
this mail, there's a patch in your package in git that inelegantly [2]
fixes the build against llvm 3.3.

I'll be landing this "soon" in both F20 and F19, where soon means
sometime after piglit stops telling me I've regressed
texture_from_pixmap on r600, and after I've smoketested a couple of
other GPUs.

[1] - The usual caveat applies here, we _could_ backport a bunch of
stuff to older Mesa and llvm, but that's both more difficult and
riskier, so I ain't gonna do that.

[2] - In that I didn't try even a little bit to make the patched state
build against any llvm except 3.3.

- ajax

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