Do you think this is a security risk and if not is it a bad UI?decision?

Mateusz Marzantowicz mmarzantowicz at
Mon May 6 15:19:07 UTC 2013

On 05.05.2013 10:54, drago01 wrote:
> Seriously this changes just papers over another bug "we suck at
> keyboard layout selection" ... "fixing" it by showing the password
> like that is just wrong. 

Thank you for writing this here! Password entry box is not a place for
testing keyboard layout. Maybe this obvious remark should be forwarded
to Anaconda developers?

Pleas don't break unrelated things in UI just to say that some other
bugs are fixed by this change. I really don't like to say it but after
this whole Anaconda rewrite it's still not as usable as it was in F17
and now this "plain password" issue which fixes nothing occurred!

Mateusz Marzantowicz

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