Fedora Windows Spice/Virtio KVM drivers and tools (was Re: Red Hat QXL GPU Driver for Windows 7?)

Frank Moss frank at nine13tech.com
Tue May 7 15:46:15 UTC 2013

Sorry for a delay on this thread, i just found it. To illuminate
Simone's issue (that also adversely effect me) is that, though the QXL
drivers work in 32 bit Windows 7, we are unable to install them in the
64bit version of Windows 7 without having to either permanently disable
driver signing and place the system in "test mode" (which for myself is
a security policy violation at the day job) or not use QXL.

Windows 7 x64 and all Windows 8 systems require signed drivers to start
the device. I currently have an unsigned QXL driver installed - but
windows will not allow it to start.
This makes the switch to the slower, more CPU intensive, and less useful
Virtualbox appealing. However, that saddles us with some other issues
and ties us back to oracle.

This would not be an issue if the Spice QXL drivers were signed,
allowing operation in Windows 7 x64 and above.

I do not know how Red Hat/Fedora would fit in with driver signing for
the Spice QXL vs FreeDesktop position, but I hope this is a good
explanation of the issue.

Frank Moss

Frank Moss
Cloud and Virtualization Architect
<frank at nine13tech.com>

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