Adding open-vm-tools to core group

Ravindra Kumar ravindrakumar at
Tue May 7 17:05:37 UTC 2013

> It might help to elaborate your reasoning. @core is going to be used by 
> people trying to make minimal installs (with exactly what they need on 
> top). It is hard to see why open-vm-tools would be considered necessary 
> to every Fedora install. @standard would seem to make more sense

I feel so because of P2V use cases. I think it is a very small price of
little disk space you pay to avoid making any install changes later on.

In order to make open-vm-tools easy to install in most of the
environments, we have done a bunch of things.
1. We have split it in multiple packages. Drivers have been taken out
and separately upstreamed in Linux kernel. User space components have
been split into two packages open-vm-tools (useful for servers and
desktops) and open-vm-tools-desktop (useful for desktops).
open-vm-tools-desktop clearly falls in the category of optional package.
So, @standard seems appropriate for this.
2. In order to make open-vm-tools suitable for physical and non-VMware
environments, we have made it a no-op on all non-VMware environments.

Given above points, the only bad side effect I can think of is the disk
space open-vm-tools package takes.

If someone can come up with any other bad side effects, I will be happy
to address that.


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