Adding open-vm-tools to core group

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Tue May 7 17:09:48 UTC 2013

Am 07.05.2013 19:05, schrieb Ravindra Kumar:
>> It might help to elaborate your reasoning. @core is going to be used by 
>> people trying to make minimal installs (with exactly what they need on 
>> top). It is hard to see why open-vm-tools would be considered necessary 
>> to every Fedora install. @standard would seem to make more sense
> I feel so because of P2V use cases. I think it is a very small price of
> little disk space you pay to avoid making any install changes later on

and why?

pvscsi, vmxnet3 and even vmw_balloon are in the kernel
a vmware guest with a recent kernel runs perfectly fine with
out the userspace daemon except VDR/HA

in days where a machine configured with vmxnet3 did not
have a network connection or pvscsi was not in the kernel
this was critical, but these days are gone and you have
a working network out-of-the-box for "yum install"

why should anybody need openvm-tools on a non VMware guest?

that said from one that has any production and testing
environment on VMware since years and which hates ANY
package in core which is not hardly needed on any setup

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