Adding open-vm-tools to core group

Ravindra Kumar ravindrakumar at
Tue May 7 22:01:49 UTC 2013

> Well, no, that means it precisely *is* an issue :) that adds
> open-vm-tools to the list of reasons we might want to have two
> virt-agents groups, call them virt-agents and virt-agents-x or
> something. You'd want open-vm-tools to be in one and open-vm-tools-x to
> be in the other.

I meant creating two groups is not an issue. In fact, we had this
in our mind when we split it into two packages. We intended X related
package specifically for desktops.

> What we do with the groups is another question; there are various
> options. We could just put the 'virt-agents' group in the 'standard'
> group and the 'virt-agents-x' group in the 'base-x' group, for instance.
> Or we could add them directly to other groups. Bill's the expert here,
> though.

Sounds good to me. My only concern is, can we add a grouplist to a group?


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