Packaging alien, debhelper and po-debconf

Oron Peled oron at
Tue May 7 22:56:09 UTC 2013

On Tuesday 07 May 2013 17:29:09 Sérgio Basto wrote:
> OK so lets cleanup all this reviews, do you finish the reviews
> requests ? I can only do it on week ends.

I intend to do my best . But other people (the reviewers) are also involved.

> we have Richard W.M. Jones and Dmitrij S. Kryzhevich also interested in
> this packages.

So as a first step you can start with my proposed srpm's:
 * Check/build them yourselves. Report problems/deficiencies.
 * See if they are OK for your use case.
 * As a bonus, if you find why '%check' in po-debconf failes -- even better.
   (the spec has commented out instructions + results)

> As alien is ready just need be updated to 0.88 , the most priority are
> debhelper and po-debconf , but we can do the others

Here is the checklist:
 - po-debconf almost OK, waiting for cwickert comments (reviewer)
 - dpkg upgrade, waiting for maintainer, he would try to finish it this weekend
 - debhelper, ready (IMO), reviewer is silent for ages -- can you take it?
 - pbuilder, working package, need cleanup (me), after the 3 pre-requisites
   are ready it would be justified to bother the reviewer.


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