Adding open-vm-tools to core group

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Tue May 7 17:45:48 UTC 2013

Am 07.05.2013 19:39, schrieb Ravindra Kumar:
>> and why?
> open-vm-tools are required for anything that requires
> co-ordination with the guest. Here are a few examples,
> clean shutdown of guest from VM management interface,
> guest consistent snapshots, collection/display of guest
> resource usage information in VM management interface,
> guest automation (running commands inside guest) and
> other features VDR/HA as you mentioned

that is all true and nice but no valid reson to include it in CORE

the only packages which should allowed to be in CORE are
commands and libraries which gives you network access
to use yum, nothing else, really *nothing else*

with your argumentation i would have drivers and helpers
for whatever virtualization technology on my VMware guests

NO - that should be up to the admin and nobody else
VMware is doing a damn good hob get the guest-drivers in
the kernel and i am very happy with this because i am a
*heavy* VMware user but as i do not like *any* package
on my setups which i do not *really* need i see no reason
why a KVM user should have any byte of my optional vmware
userspace tools on his setup

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