Self Introduction & review/sponsor request

Björn Esser bjoern.esser at
Wed May 8 19:29:48 UTC 2013

Dear Fedora Community,

since I want to contribute to Fedora to make better and to become a
member of the packager-group, I'm going to introduce myself here a bit.

I am Björn Esser and I live in Hildesheim, Germany. That's about 30 km
(20 mi) south of Hannover. I'm just an ordinary guy using Linux about
seven years. Since then I used Ubuntu, openSuse, Debian and now Fedora
(since F17). My FAS-name ist besser82.

When I was using openSuse, I found a nifty piece of software called
'libyui' which is a GUI-abstaction library. That opens the possibilty
to write applications using ncurses, gtk and qt without demanding to
use a specific one of them and just needing one piece of code. It also
feature bindings to perl, python and ruby. And so I want to bring it
into Fedora.

I am in very good, continuos contact to upstream and have membership in
openSuse's libyui [1] and YaST [2] organisations on github. Thanks to
this I'm able to deal with possible bugs in short-time.

I've prepared rpms forlibyui and it's UI-plugins for review. [3-7]
The rpms for the bindings are WIP.

I am quite new to writing rpm-specs and packaging for Fedora so the
packages might not be perfect. I did my best to obey the
packaging-guidelines from the wiki and I am willing to learn.

I hope to find someone here who'd like to sponsor me and my packages.

Best Regards,
  Björn Esser


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