Do you think this is a security risk and if not is it a bad UI decision?

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Thu May 9 04:44:02 UTC 2013

On 2013-05-09 00:02 (GMT-0400) Adam Williamson composed:

> On Wed, 2013-05-08 at 22:36 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:

>> On 2013-05-08 10:09 (GMT+0200) Pierre-Yves Chibon composed:

>> > you are replying to a 4 days old email on a thread that is no
>> > longer active?

>> A: The thread was started on a Friday night.

>> B: Some people don't get to read mail every day, or more than a few or less
>> times a week.

>> A + B = perfectly justified timing of reply.

> C: the debate was taken to every place it could possibly go, and the
> commit was reverted.

> So what's the point of reviving it? Sometimes, if you don't get your
> $0.02 posted in time, it's best to just sit on it.

So everyone who cannot maintain currency has to catch up 100% prior to 
writing a response coming to mind while reading, lest he be publicly 
chastised by temporal relevance police? Likely "revival" was not the primary 
objective of the late writer. The late arrival would much better have been 
left ignored than have the already too long thread be further extended by OT 
police commentary.
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